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Why use Twitter?!

    Twitter is now one of the ten most- visited websites on the Internet. It has approximately 200 milion active users and because of that this medium has become one of the most powerful tools of online marketing.

    Twitter is a large network and has the potential to supplement your SEO activities. If you are running your business online you should understand there is a great deal of free advertising available in the form of optimal search engine rankings.This means if your website ranks high enough to appear on the first page of the search results, you will likely enjoy increased website traffic. If the tweets from your account are focused and topical then it surely helps you to establish your online reputation and build a brand online.

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    Usefull Twitter Statistics & Tips

      Based on the number of Tweets containing, this is the average position on the search results:

      • Page URLs with 500 or more Tweets, average rank 45.81
      • Page URLs with 1.000 or more Tweets, average rank 40.76
      • Page URLs with 5.000 or more Tweets, average rank 30.51
      • Page URLs with 7.500 or more Tweets, average rank 4.96

      Where pages that were shared more than 50 times all saw a ranking benefit, those that were shared more than 7.500 times almost always appeared on page one of the search results!

      Rankings were checked by using the page titles, removing any special characters and using the first four words of the title as the search phrase in Google. For example, a Twitition with the title 'We want AC/DC in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil!’ became 'We want AC/DC'.

      Make Your Content More Shareable

        Although, there are many factors at play when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the more your content is shared the higher it is likely to rank in the search results.

        Therefore it is critical that you make your content as interesting as possible to increase the likelihood of it being shared, and that you actively encourage sharing by your audience.

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        1. Brand Name

          Your brand name or username should reflect your site name or offered services as this is what will be mentioned and displayed as your network, re-tweeted your posts. The more re-tweets your post’s get, the higher its significance.

          2. Profile / Bio

            As a point of reference, put your website link on your profile page. The "bio content" is the information part of your Twitter. Maximize it and make it relevant to your website. The link that you display on your twitter profile, point it to a relevant page that will help with your conversions, rather than just pointing it back to your websites home page.

            3. Links

              Since Google is now displaying tweets in SERPs, despite nofollow, putting your links on your posts will aid your link building activities or has the potential of giving a wider web presence. Also, accompany your links with effective keywords. You can post your links several times or in interval in order to maximize possible keywords and contents, and exposure.

              4. Hash Tags

                Hash Tags is a Twitter feature that works like a meta data for your tweets. These are posts with "#" symbol like "#web" and "#development". Hash Tags help organize tweets and determine the trending information in Twitter.

                5. Mentions

                  If you to mention users in Twitter you need to put a "@" symbol before their usernames. It is like a retweet effect and the more your account is retweeted, the higher your relevance. It is like voting policy. Hence, whenever you tweet, or Re-Tweet other users ensure to use the @symbol before their username.

                  6. Be a Help to Others

                    Re-tweeting, other relevant posts especially those that are of the same niche with yours will help you build your brand and promote your services. Posting everything coming from your site may somehow looks like a spam. Also, as you retweet, you have been a help to others too, by giving your followers a good choice of links to view.

                    7. Tweet Interval

                      Do not post bulk of tweets at once because this will annoy your followers, clogging up their stream, but instead spread your tweets out over the day with a decent interval.

                      8. Blog Site

                        Promoting a blog site like your corporate one is a good option too. Blog sites can provide more information to your visitors and is the best place to interact with them, help them, know their thoughts, allow them to share your articles and contribute contents via comments, and also giving them the option to Re-Tweet your articles.

                        9. Twitter Button

                          Twitter button is now a requirement to many websites because it's easier way for share website pages.

                          10. Build your online brand

                            An effective Twitter account does not just help in your SEO, but it will build your online brand, and increase visibility of your company and brand, by building new connections.

                            Last but not the least, determine a purpose for your Twitter presence. Do you want to focus on customer support or share information about your products and services or would you like to engage with your potential customers or maybe just like to converse with people from your own industry, etc. Only when you have a purpose you will get a direction and only then it is possible to monitor and measure the success.

                            By managing well, you will have a higher chance to create a bigger network, connect more to people and gain the promotion you need.

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